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BlackLight Community is committed to keeping minority freelance artists working, but It is up to us to be dedicated to continuing to better our efforts as artists. Our memberships are filled with opportunities that help elevate your career and uplift each other. Our Memberships are personal, we are eager to help and build together. We all have different perspectives on our career as an artist and we want you a part of our Community.

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Flourishing Artist

A POC community to network with: Not only do we have a Facebook private page, we also have a clubhouse profile where we have private virtual gatherings.  

Advice on your material/work: We hold forums and open houses for you to receive constructive advice on your art with protecting your work. 

List of our Masterclasses: You get our list of classes before we publicly announce our season. You'll also be able to sign up for these classes before the public. 

-Discounts on brand development: Not only do you have a trusted community with us, we are bridging the gaps to other organizations and businesses. Being an official member of BlackLight Community, you receive discounts on branding, web development, headshots and so much more! 

Featured Interviews/artists spotlight: BlackLight Community is all about showcasing our artists! Throughout promoting our organization, we lead with showcasing our artists and helping them find work. 


Established Artist

Discounted Masterclasses- Most of our classes are pay-what-you-can and some aren't. Being an Established Member, you will receive 30% off discounts for classes and seminars that have a base fee.

One on One Artistic Consultation: The beginning of every year you can set up an appointment with our team to discuss your career and ways to help you grow. 

Audition Coach Service: Scheduled forum for our team to view your audition and give notes/advice before your audition. 

Automatic Audition Slots for our productions: We love producing known and new work that is POC forward. You receive an automatic audition slot for all of our production that you see fit.

Exclusive access to library of theatre material: From scripts, to plays and monologue that are POC forward. We encourage our community to add to the list as well.  


Seasoned Artist

Paid Opportunities: Our masterclasses, seminars, and workshops are paid opportunities for artists who wish to give back

On Call Support: We have on-call artists at your disposal that will be happy to assist when you need them. If you are working with a production or company that don't have the tools to help you we have a team for that. We are developing an app where you can receive help and/or advice from hairstylists, makeup artists, etc. 

Discounted Masterclasses: Most of our classes are pay-what-you-can and some aren't. Being an Established Member, you will always pay-what-you can for classes and seminars that have a base fee.

Artistic exchange: If you are looking for cheaper ways to get headshots and other professional shots for photographers looking to build their portfolio. 

One free event per month: Any of our events, shows, or classes we have during the month, established members will receive one free entry. 

-Exclusive Semi Annual Perks: Free BlackLight merch every year! 

Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!

BlackLight Community

BlackLight Community is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable incorporation.

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