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BlackLight Community Membership

BlackLight Community is committed to keeping minority freelance artists working, but It is up to you to be dedicated. Our free membership is filled with opportunities that will enhance your career, life skills, and theatre presence. Our Memberships are personal and we are eager to help you grow, build, and excel through BlackLight. We love that our members help uplift each other as a community. Join us now to find your home within BlackLight Community.

Membership Perks

A POC community to network with: Our private and secure community is filled with like-minded individuals looking to connect. We promote work/job openings, celebrate personal milestones, and hold space for personal issues, including institutionalized racism in the arts or day-to-day Micro-aggressions. This community is the safe space you've been looking for to be your full authentic self!

Advice on your material/work: We hold forums and open houses to receive constructive criticism on your art while protecting your work. Request to book a session through the membership page.

Masterclasses: Exclusive access to our classes and early signup. Our classes are small and interpersonal. We want to give each person the time and dedication to growing within their work. 

One-on-One Coaching: Receive professional advice from our coaches with collectively over 35 years of experience. We provide quick sessions and complete lessons that are catered to your needs in the realm of theatre/arts, entertainment, and production. 

Featured Interviews/artists spotlight: BlackLight Community is all about showcasing our artists! Any way BlackLight can promote/showcase your talents, shows, and projects, we will focus on our social media platforms. Send us a personal message on the membership page, and we'll be happy to promote it. 


Paid Teaching Opportunities: Calling all seasoned artists! If you believe you've honed in on a particular skill in the arts and are ready to spread your wisdom, BlackLight Community would love to provide a platform to teach willing and keen students. 


Working Behind the Scenes (BTS): We have opportunities for our members to produce, direct, costume design, makeup, and so much more! We're always working on productions and look to hire from our community FIRST.

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