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Our Services

We want to inspire change within the entertainment industry. Our programs are custom-made to complement the needs of our members. The goal is to inspire, collaborate, and create in a space where margins are non-existent.


Healing space for BIPOC Artists


Classes designed for your personal growth as an artist



Paid performances where artists can network &  express their artistry in a safe and productive space


Kuponya, (Swahili for healing) is a space for BIPOC artists who come to discuss topics regarding culture, current events, interpersonal relationships.

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Hot topics

Hot topics

Hot Topics

Kuponya focuses on hot topics occurring throughout the week. We take those topics and add a spin for discussion on a larger issue at hand.

Hot Topics

Kupunya focuses on hot topics occurring throughout the week. We take those topics and add a spin for discussion on a larger hand.

We hold our sessions as needed, want a personal session on coaching?

Email us.

For POC Artists
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Our sessions are made to stimulate the mind with vibes that allow you to let your hair down and speak your truth. 

Its a Vibe


With our classes, we focus on creating an intimate setting so that our artists can receive the one-on-one care they may need. BlackLight Community is dedicated to fulfilling our member’s needs for their self-development and talent. We have a thorough process with selecting our teachers to ensure our classes meet the expectations of our members. Most of the classes are for everyone, we focus on a range of subjects but the groundwork is focused on the minority sector of entertainment.
Previous MasterClasses
Tending the Fire- A musical theatre performance masterclass Flyer .png
Teaching in the Arts- A masterclass for artists who teach with Mariah Sade.png
Masterclass Flyer: Brand yourself with Terry Mera. A Resume and Branding class.png

This is a Musical Theatre Performance Class, Hannah and Karl will coach you through your voice and acting. Class Max is 10 per weekend.
PREREQUISITE: Must have an audition cut of a song (32 bars)

 Receive a certificate of completion with Mariah Sade Ralph, a training course you'll be able to put on your resume for future jobs.
PREREQUISITE: Your smiling faces! 

Terry Mera will go through and give feedback on both your resume and website.
PREREQUISITE: Must have a resume and Website (Website optional)

Masterclass announcements coming soon in 2023. Stay tuned! 

Performance Opportunities

We provide a multitude of opportunities for our members to partake in theatre shows, contests, and virtual productions. COVID-19 allowed us to think outside the box so artists are fulfilled during these times. While our country heal from this pandemic, we are dedicated to creating inclusive art. We produce live and pre-recorded shows for our members to explore, and the audience to enjoy! Contact us with a description of your play.

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Performance Opportunities
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