Meet our Team


India Shanelle

Executive Director 

"The Arts allow people to shine through without discrimination or judgment. We're a beacon for those who seek to be heard in their authentic light."

Kaylin Kellin

Artistic Director 

"Feeling alone is common in the entertainment biz, but having a team around you makes you feel closer than family. Blacklight is my creative family."

Amanda Leive

Secretary of the Board

Welcome our new Secretary of the board, a member of BlackLight Community and Founder of No Peeking Theatre.

Karl Hawkins 

Communication Director

"We provide community  for our POC family to step into their full authentic self without fear or judgement, so they can realize their full power and shine their light for all to see."

Jordan Davis

Technical Producer

"Theatre is the ability it has to bring so many different walks of life together, and the things you’re able to take away from those moments."

Darryl Jones

New Talent Outreach Director

"We are a beautifully sewn artistic family that loves when it’s needed, advises when asked for, and pushes forward regardless of disenfranchisement, or circumstance. This feels like home!"

Meet the Interns


Iliana Mejia


Hi! My name is Iliana Mejia, I am 16 years old and a junior in high school. When I grow up, I either would like to work in the journalism or computer science field. One thing that I pride myself on is my creativity and as an intern for BlackLight, I can use that creativity to help others, which I am excited to explore. 


Zaniab Gai-Baldeh


Hey guys! I am Zainab Gai-Baldeh, an African American whose descendants come from The Gambia in Africa. My cultural background gives me the morale to pursue my career in the performing arts. I am a very uplifting, optimistic, generous, and caring person and my goal is to learn more about the ins and outs of the arts.

BlackLight Community

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