Zoomba 4 BlackLight is a fundraiser where we have partnered with Zumba with Julia to raise funds for BlackLight Community programs. 

BlackLight Community promotional video for Zoomba 4 BlackLight

At Zoomba 4 BlackLight expect to sweat and dance up a storm from our lovely instructor Julia Toches. 

Click the vid for more info.

Meet Our Partner

Julia hails from Tennessee but currently resides in Florida where she teaches weekly Zumba classes via Zoom since the pandemic started.  She is a dancer by nature but a total all around performer and an amazing human being. Julia came to us in May after the continued protest of police what has been happening in America and said she wanted to help and had friends who wanted to help uplift our organizations. 

Zoomba 4 BlackLight

Our fundraiser over the last 4 month have raise over $1000 for BlackLight Community programs and business expenses

If you would like to partner with us on a fundraiser or a collaboration project please email blacklightcommunity1@gmail.com

Thank you for your support.

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