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The Juneteenth Queer Comedy Celebration was created to provide a reputable stage for black queer artists to showcase their best work. Located at the fantastic Comedy in Harlem, where the best comics come to shut down the house! The audience enjoyed the vibes with dope music to bop to before the show started. Comedy in Harlem provided affordable drinks as we had a themed concession stand with the most colorful snacks. With selling over 75% of ticket sales, it was a hit as we gathered at the end with fun props to take pictures with. 
OUR GOAL? Accomplished! 
We managed to pay our comics (well over the average set price) and provided a full house of supporters to try out new material. 
Check out the photos and clips of such an amazing night. 

This virtual reading is a love poem to black men in America, with the text in spoken word, we take a dive into the journey it takes to find alignment in a society made set against the black culture.


THE HECKLER, after shooting an innocent man realizes he's another victim of The Black Bullet Dichotomy and sets out to expose it. Only to be shot in the head from his right temple straight through his left temple but he doesn't die, he goes into a coma where he becomes THE SLEEPER. Where ancestors like The Spirit of Josephine Baker and martyrs like the Spirit of Tupac Shakur cause him to awaken. He comes back to life as

THE MAD PROFIT, prepared to expose it but what will become of this poet with a message for the world? Will he live long enough to Expose The Black Bullet Dichotomy? 


Holiday Concert 2020

BlackLight Community's first live stream production-
highlighting minority artists from all over the country. 
Come join the fam at the historical WOW Cafe Theatre as we celebrate 2021 with a wide range of performances. This variety show is filled with a multitude of different acts presented by talented minorities in the arts. These professional artists are ready to work and connect with like-minded individuals throughout the entertainment industry. So be ready to laugh, holler, and network our way into the next year. Be sure to bring ya best bag, as we show up in our best light. 
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